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Gekko Woodstikk 10 Gun Adhesive

Gekko Woodstikk 10 Wood Floor Adhesive

Gekko Woodstikk 10 is a solvent and water free adhesive specifically designed for bonding many types of wooden floors directly onto all common subfloors. Gekko Woodstikk 10 is based on hybrid polymer technology.

Gekko Woodstikk 10 Gun Adhesive Benefits

  1. 100% active solvent and water free.
  2. Permanently flexible.
  3. Will bond directly to all common subfloors.
  4. Suitable for use with underfloor heating.
  5. Odourless.
  6. Excellent gap filling properties for uneven surfaces.
  7. Excellent sound deadening/acoustic properties.
  8. High initial grab
  9. Bonds seam tape for artificial grass jointing.

Gekko Woodstikk 10 is supplied in 3ltr sachets and are dispensed through the Gekko G1 dispensing gun.

What people say about Gekko Woodstikk 10 Gun Adhesive


Gekko G1 Adhesive System - “Everyone wants Stickdown floors at the moment.  You must love us.  I used to hate stickdown floors, but now I love them.”


Gekko Woodstikk 10 - 'It's Luxury!'


We have used the Water Based Gekko which is great yet highly recommend the Gekko G57 Solvent Based Tackifier if you've not already tried it?  You can lay direct, goes for miles, high grab/easily lifted, some distributors will chuck in a lance for any new Gekko product as well, no maintenance needed with solvent lance which is a bonus!


The G1 Gun is a fantastic system saving us hours of time


Gekko G1 Gun Adhesive System - "Fantastic system, saves hours of time and very clean to use. Also doesn't cause hard lumps under the grass like other adhesives do"


 Gekko G10 adhesive for wood flooring

'Saves a lot of hard work'


 Gekko G10 adhesive for wood flooring

'My Fitters have been coming back cleaner since using the Gekko'


 Gekko G10 adhesive for wood flooring

'I reckon it is probably 3 times as quick as our current method'


Gekko G10 adhesive for wood flooring

'We had a job which I allowed 8 days for. We used the Gekko G1 system and we had it finished in 4 days!! I am not easily impressed, but this is a great product'


 Gekko G12 Adhesive for wall cladding

‘This stuff grabs and sticks on its own, that’s why it’s called Gekko’


 Gekko G10 adhesive for wood flooring

‘Cleaner and easier, definitely the way forward’


Cladstikk 12 - The gun is working well. I sometimes work alone and it definitely speeds the job up. I don't seem to be covered in glue as much either.


'We used your gear on Tuesday and the guys really like them.  We never liked fitting artifical grass because we hadn't enough confidence - your gear has given us that confidence so artificial grass is now established on our service offering'


Extremely pleased with the Woodsstikk system.  We completed a 37sqm herringbone flooring job in 6 hours, which would normally take 2 days to do!!  Very impressed.

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