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What people say about us and our products

Many installers are experiencing the huge benefits of the innovative range of Gekko adhesive systems.  Here is what they are saying about our products.


Gekko G1 Adhesive System - “Everyone wants Stickdown floors at the moment.  You must love us.  I used to hate stickdown floors, but now I love them.”


Gekko G57 Tackifier - 'We were scheduled to be off site at 4.30pm. We used G57 and were walking off site with job done by 1pm!!'


Gekko G57 - 'Impressed with it, a lot quicker than using the rollers, we'll be keeping on with it!'


Gekko Woodstikk 10 - 'It's Luxury!'


We have just tried out your Gekko G57 Spray Tackifier and we are very impressed with the control ability of the spray and the way that it uses just what you need.


'Gekko G57 is brilliant stuff - will never use standard tackifier again'


Gekko has been the buzzword round here for the last few days.  It has been an absolute “lifesaver”.  I’ve been doing this for 30 years and seen lots of new things being launched but your system is really good.


"G57 is a brilliant product, has high initial tack, application was superb & I was very surprised that there was minimal overspray, it’s a very controllable product."


The Gekko G57 is brilliant, I have been using it to install gel back carpet in the halls and corridors of a private school.  It grabs very well, and has saved hours of time.


It's not until you get to try the Gekko G57 Tackifier do they realise how much time and money can be saved


Gekko products are great, G57 saves us a lot of time, all the products are good.


Gekko G57 - This is a fantastic adhesive!  Wouldn't go past it for laying carpet tiles.  It saves a lot of time on laying, sticks great and releases no problem, which is handy if your the returning contractor!!


Gekko G57 - It's a brilliant system. It saves a lot of time on site.  Wouldn't use anything else.


Have used loads of Gekko G57 - find it very cost effective compared with rolling the other tackifier out.  It is really good for doing other bits and pieces as well


I did 4500sqm of carpet tiles at Heathrow, it saved me hours and as I was limited to 01:00 - 04:00am working hours, so it was a great prodcut which helped finish the job on time


I love Gekko Products!


Gekko G57 Tackifier is great, it saved me 3 days on a tight scheduled contract


The Gekko G57 is a definite time-saver that's why we use it!


Gekko G52 is an excellent system, I've got on really really well with it.  A lot more economical than the 500ml cans & saves time.  I've used other systems in the past but this is much, much better, I wouldn't use anything else.


Gekko G57 - The tackifier is a brilliant adhesive, we're getting on great with it


Gekko G57 & G67 - I only use the best & the Gekko glue is brilliant


Aquastikk - I think you have a great product there. It’s very quick, and very tidy, any spills/overspray you do get are easy to wipe clean.


Gekko G57 Tackifier - The lads & myself love it!  Saves time and is loads better than the previous system we were using.  You have one very happy customer!


Using the Aquastikk is at least twice as fast as trowelling


With the Aquastikk there is no smell compared to using trowel adhesives


With Aquastikk you can tell it is tacking up and getting stronger


After using the Aquastikk I feel I have more energy from not being on my knees trowelling out.  This means I will do a better job.


I have to admit, I am very impressed - Aquastikk


The Covestikk does exactly what it says on the tub, easy to use and stays where you put it


The Gekko G57 is a great product, no mess and very quick.


The fitters are getting on really well with your spray adhesives, they've used a lot of different spray adhesives in the past but the Gekko products are good products


What I like about your products is they do what they say on the tin!


Gekko G67 Water Based Tackifier - It's a great product, the lads are getting on really well with it and it's a lot faster than rolling!


Covestikk - Brilliant glue, had issues with capping coming off, started using Covestikk and issues stopped!


I've been using your Gekko Stikksafe 10 and Gekko G51 Contact Adhesive on a recent project for Gradus nosings and Polyflor and I just wanted to say this is the first time I've used the Stikksafe 10 and its very impressive, amazing kit that saves hours of work.  Keep up the fantastic work.


Covestikk removes a lot of headaches on site with health and safety and also eliminates staining on the heterogeneous vinyls.  Great product!


I've been in the industry for 20 years and not heard of Gekko until the last 12 months but you seem to be everywhere!


We have used the Water Based Gekko which is great yet highly recommend the Gekko G57 Solvent Based Tackifier if you've not already tried it?  You can lay direct, goes for miles, high grab/easily lifted, some distributors will chuck in a lance for any new Gekko product as well, no maintenance needed with solvent lance which is a bonus!


What I like about Gekko is you are always coming up with new products to make jobs easier and quicker.  I like the fact you are concentrating on water based adhesives to replace solvent ones.


That Covestikk is brilliant, this is what we have been waiting for!  Our work is in hospitals and schools so it is an absolute blessing!


Top marks, this product is a breakthrough.  We will be using it on all our Cap & Cove jobs.


Covestikk is by far the best waterbased product I’ve ever used!  I have been into Lee Floorstok again this morning to get more!


I like Gekko because you're innovative and always thinking up new things.


Gekko G57 tackifier is so controllable we find we can use it in residential for underlays and small tile areas, it's great!


Gekko seem to have a system for most applications, all having great benefits...keep them coming!


Gekko has saved us hours of time on our carpet tile installations, we find G57 a hassle free system!  


The G1 Gun is a fantastic system saving us hours of time


"The tackifier is great, the lads love it"


Gekko G1 Gun Adhesive System - "Fantastic system, saves hours of time and very clean to use. Also doesn't cause hard lumps under the grass like other adhesives do"


'What we like about the G57 is it gets you off your knees, it's ready to use straight away and it's definitely a lot more accurate than the alternative water based one we currently use from outside Gekko'


'...his fitters are very pleased with the G57, said that now he's using the G57 he won't be using anything else


The G40 works very well on sheet vinyl, we put down 7 m2 to a damp floor and it worked perfectly!


Gekko G57 Spray Tackifier Adhesive

"I can no longer afford to apply tackifier in any other way now, because due to the amount of carpet tiles we install, the time savings are too important"


 Gekko G57 Spray Tackifier Adhesive

"Its called innovation, its the future, its Gekko"


'Time is money, and that's why your products are so important to us'


'You know what you are on about when it comes to adhesives'


 Gekko G10 adhesive for wood flooring

'Saves a lot of hard work'


Gekko G57 Spray Tackifier Adhesive

'Someone's done their research, seen what fitters required and generated this system'


 Gekko G10 adhesive for wood flooring

'My Fitters have been coming back cleaner since using the Gekko'


 Gekko G10 adhesive for wood flooring

'I reckon it is probably 3 times as quick as our current method'


Gekko G10 adhesive for wood flooring

'We had a job which I allowed 8 days for. We used the Gekko G1 system and we had it finished in 4 days!! I am not easily impressed, but this is a great product'


 Gekko G12 Adhesive for wall cladding

‘This stuff grabs and sticks on its own, that’s why it’s called Gekko’


 Gekko G10 adhesive for wood flooring

‘Cleaner and easier, definitely the way forward’


Gekko G57 Tackifier - A fantastic product.  Did a 200sqm job and it took half the time it would have taken with a standard product.


Cladstikk 12 - The gun is working well. I sometimes work alone and it definitely speeds the job up. I don't seem to be covered in glue as much either.


Yes we have been using the Gekko G57 Tackifier and the feedback from our fitters is positive especially in areas with furniture/people where normal tackifier would take time to 'go off' and would not be as convenient to use.


Working together is good!  We like working with your products and like that we receive good aftercare


'We used your gear on Tuesday and the guys really like them.  We never liked fitting artifical grass because we hadn't enough confidence - your gear has given us that confidence so artificial grass is now established on our service offering'


I rate highly your tackyfier spray and lance system, so much quicker and cleaner to use.


Extremely pleased with the Woodsstikk system.  We completed a 37sqm herringbone flooring job in 6 hours, which would normally take 2 days to do!!  Very impressed.